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​Decades ago it was not popular to study music. Decades later it is not easy to find a child with no instrumental training at all. I am amazed by the numerous number of youngsters learning music nowadays. Nevertheless, how many of them or their parents know the true meaning of music-learning?

Music is part of our life, unless one is born deaf there is no way we can avoid music. Most learners think learning music is just the learning of a subject—they do not see music as part of their life. If one has such belief, it is not surprised to imagine that his/her learning journey would be a tough one.


As music is in everywhere, learning music should not be limited to classroom learning. One can always integrate music into the complex network of social and cultural world in which music is regarded as a form of communication between people.

The ultimate goal of this learning process does not necessarily fall into the number of certificates one is going to obtain. The gains during this learning process are rewarding.




grade 8 is only a key to music wonderland

​I do believe many parents know the advantages of instrumental learning. I am not going to talk about the ‘body mechanism in response to music’ or ‘left-and-right-brain issue’ again. Many studies proved that music-learning enhances academic development due to beneficial effects on cognition. It also improves a child’s linguistic skills. From the psychological perspective, regular practice with good posture and attitude leads to better relaxation and mental health.

A good attitude in learning is also essential. Students following what their teacher asked him/her to do in every lesson are not good enough, not to mention those who ignore teacher’s assignments. The best students usually are self-motivated to learn and practice. If music is in everywhere, self-motivated students are indeed fast learners.

To cut my long sentence short, if one understands how music could benefit him/her, it is the time to commit regular time for practice and be serious in the learning process. The learning journey is long; the final grade is by no means the end of the learning journey but the beginning. A grade 8 certificate represents only a key to access the music wonderland. Students should try to learn as much they can or they will not be able to appreciate this piece of wonderful land!


piano, singing

When you go to school, you don't simply learn one subject, so does here in my studio. Generally you need to pick a core subject, either piano or singing, or you can do both if you want to, then you will still need to study the following:

* theory of music

* aural training

* sight-reading

* sight-singing

* history of music

* posture and relaxation skill

For Piano students, also:

* improvisation

For Singing students, also:

* vocal health

Students are expected to also learn the followings during their learning process:

* time management

* communication

* ability to express their emotion

* right attitude

* responsibility

* general health